Is Bonvera a Scam? Not With These Products!

Tay Martinson September 17, 2018
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Bonvera PhyzixMD Line

Is Bonvera a Scam? Not With These Products!

Bonvera has just come out with their physician-developed line of supplements. Marketed under the Phyzix MD label, the MD line was developed by Bonvera with family doctor and formulator, Dr. Jeff Davis. Educated at Baylor University and University of Texas, he has a family clinic in Wichita, Kansas, and has seen what his patients are needing and asking for in supplements to enhance their lives. This product line is a direct result of those interactions. The product line consists of:

Omega Max, a supplement the supports healthy Omega-3 levels for both adults and children. Omega Max contains certified fish oils, exceptional freshness, and the fish oil is in easily absorbable monoglyceride formula this allows for easy absorption into the body.

Just for Him, a supplement that is safe, has fewer risks than other male supplements on the market (since it is not a testosterone replacement) and gives the user increased energy and vitality.

Just For Her, a supplement for women that helps women of any age balance and metabolize hormones. Just for her reduces mood swings, helps with hot flashes, supports fertility, and eases symptoms of PMS and menopause.

Calm & Clear, a product designed to help people sleep better, gain mental clarity, and reduce stress. Calm and Clear helps with learning, relaxation, sleep, and stress management. The formula is available in both mixed berry and lemon lime flavors.

The Phyzix MD Multivitamin. This Multivitamin is a great foundational supplement to support your mineral and vitamin needs that you don’t get from food. It offers insulin resistance support, bioavailable magnesium, folate support ,and comes in a veggie cap that dissolves in only seven minutes.

Phyzix MD Metabolic Cleanse.  This 10 day program helps you lose weight, gives you more energy, less sugar and liver support. In addition, the program gives you protein shakes in Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla flavors, the exclusive optimizer plus which supports liver health and balanced detoxification, Probiotic Max, which supports a healthy gut and function, and a cleanse guide to walk you through the steps.

Here are some testimonials from real users of these Bonvera products:

Cleanse user Mark:

“I was shocked when I looked at my pictures from today! I knew I had made progress but not like this! 4 months ago I started a 2 week metabolic cleanse to help heal my gut. It was simpler than past cleanses I had done so I wasn’t expecting too much. I finished the 2 weeks and reintroduced a few things and then after a month, I backed off some more. I’ve had better digestive regularity, less headaches, less inflammation and I can enjoy a beer without a hangover the next day! The only exercise I’ve done is yard work. I think I went for a run 3 times. I took pictures today because I was going to start working out. Maybe I’ll just keep working on my tan. Don’t ask what I’m doing… it’s a secret. ;)”

Just For Her user Susie:

“I believe Just For Her has helped stop my hair loss. A couple of months prior to starting Just for Her, I was losing a ton of hair. I swore I would go bald by the end of the year. Being the age where a lot of women experience menopausal symptoms, I just thought it was my time and I was doomed to cut all my hair off. After 30 days on Just for Her, I’m happy to report a significant decrease in my hair loss…almost non existent. ❤❤❤ I love Just For Her!!!! (Along with the multivitamin….feeling goooood).”

Calm and Clear user Tommy

“Combine that (Calm & Clear) with my Quilbed and it’s lights out. And when I wake up there’s no back pain anymore!”


As you can see, these physician-formulated products are the real deal! If you would like to purchase any of these excellent supplements contact your Bonvera entrepreneur today! If you do not have a Bonvera entrepreneur yet, contact our customer service team to get connected by emailing or calling (316) 260 – 2225. Also, to find out about Bonvera and their unique approach to e-commerce, click here


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